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We offer a wide variety of storage solutions that are built to standup to the demands of the most rugged environments, including Wall Mount Lockers, Mobile/Free standing lockers, hose & cylinder storage, dive storage and so much more.

All of our products are constructed with only the highest quality materials. The patented, open grid design promotes maximum air moevement, which allows damp gear to dry faster. #firecancer

A little insight into the GearGrid wonder world

GearGrid Products

GearGrid offers a full line of equipment handling nd storage solutions to create a unified look, function and quality standard throughout fire stations. All GearGrid systems offer complete modularity, which allows them to be utilized in a variety of different ways to meet exact storage needs.

Our Product Categories


The most durable and versatile line of storage solutions available in the fire industry. The open gird design promotes maximum air movement, which minimizes odor build-up and allows damp items to dry faster.


In addition to our lockers, GearGrid offers a wide range of general PPE storage systems, including Hose & Cylinder Storage, Workstations, Dive Storage and Bag Storage.


Our innovative accessories provide the ultimate solutions to your unique storage challenges. All built with the same heavy-duty steel and attentive craftsmanship as the rest of our line, GearGrid accessories let you organize your space, your way.

Why GearGrid?

You and your gear deserve to be protected and safe. As a proud American manufacturer, GearGrid ensures our storage solutions do just that.

Heavy Duty Materials

All storage systems are built using US steel components and precisely welded to ensure maximum stability, load capacity and robustness.

Optimal Air Flow

Our open grid design promotes maximum air movement, promotes quick drying and off-gassing to reduce the risk of firefighter cancer.

Variety of Storage Solutions

GearGrid offers a variety of equipment handling and storage solutions to create a unified look, function and quality standard throughout fire stations.

Quality Made in USA

All of our products are manufactured in a 5,000 m² production space with only proven, heavy-duty materials.

Attention to Detail

Every step in the production process is conceptualized, developed and produced and GearGrid’s facility in the USA.

Developed by a Firefighter

GearGrid products were designed and developed by a firefighter in order to meet the everyday challenges in the fire industry.

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Do you need assistance finding the right storage solutions for your facility? Contact our team to get started. We look forward to working with you!

About the leading manufacturer of high quality storage solutions.

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customer reactions

Rex Vilaubi

Los Angeles FD - Station 63

“Thank you, GearGrid for this high quality product and the excellent service you provided to Fire Station 63. You expressed a high degree of responsibility, which created real team spirit and strengthened the cohesion at the guard.”


John Philpott

Essex Fire & Rescue Service

“GearGrid was selected as a storage solution for personal protective equipment for the new Rayleih Weir fire station. GearGrid fully meets all requirements and we are extremely satisfied with this powerful and versatile solution."


Mary McGrath

Beverly Prior Architects, Sann Francisco

“As an architect specializing in the design of fire stations, I strongly recommend GearGrid to all of my customers. GearGrid systems are inexpensive, durable and ideal for keeping things tidy. GearGrid continuously develops its products to better meet the requirements of the fire service.



The Fire Department in Forest Lake (Minnesota) has relied on GearGrid products for years. Here you can find out in this video why...

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Do you offer GearGrid products within European Union?

Yes. We are an official partner of GearGrid LLC (USA) and distribute within Europe. FeonTECH is based in Germany.

How do we get GearGrid products from the United States?

As a contractual partner, FeonTECH is able to import the products that are specially made for you. You do not need to worry about anything. We are at your side as a partner with advice and action.

Do you even offer the assembly of your products?

Yes. We offer assembly and installation services throughout seven EU countries.

Why GearGrid?

We believe you and your gear deserve to be protected and safe. As a proud American manufacturer, we ensure our storage solutions do just that. Since 1921, GearGrid has earned its reputation as the storage solution experts and continues to set the standard for craftsmanship, quality and service.

Firefighter Cancer? Is it a topic for GearGrid?

Firefighter cancer is a real and prevalent problem in the fire industry today and it is one that GearGrid is dedicated fighting and preventing. Our open grid design allows for maximum air circulation, which allows protective equipment to dry faster. In addition, this promotes off-gassing and the removal of harmful elements.

What makes GearGrid products so robust?

We use ASTM A513 US steel with a 3.5 mm TGIC powder coating that ensures our storage solutions will standup to the rugged demands of firefighters.

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Managing Director

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Managing Director

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Customer Success Manager

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