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In our portfolio you will find wall-mounted lockers, free-standing and mobile lockers. All, of course, in the advantageous grid design.

Our versatile storage systems for hoses, gears, breathing air bottles, equipment etc. can be found in this section.

With the versatile original GearGrid accessories you can design your very own GearGrid product.

Why GearGrid products?

Because it's better.

better airflow

The unique and characteristic grid design (grid pattern) enables the best possible air circulation. This offers tactical uses (faster dried PPE / clothing) as well as health benefits through the preferential removal of pyrolysis gases and particles.

better material

The high-quality US steel ensures GearGrid products robustness and durability. The best processing of the weld seams also guarantees optimum stability.

better application

Configure your GearGrid product according to your needs. Should it be a locker with or without a door? Lockable? How many shelves can it be? Hangers or the "GearHanger" that makes drying even easier?